Round 14, 2016 – A Grade vs Plympton

July 16, 2016
A Grade

Posted: July 21, 2016

Game day arrived and with all three senior sides playing at home, there was an air of expectation for the games ahead. Being the day for Past players, Families & Friends plus Ladies day, it was evident that all players were keen to give it their all for the Club.

The pre-game warm-up and team meeting was very positive with the players looking forward to the challenge before us. From the outset the lads were into attack, moving the ball quickly into the forward lines where our forwards, playing in front, finished of with three quick goals. Plympton steadied and fought back with a couple of goals of their own so it was game on. The first quarter was a see-sawing affair with both sides attacking consistently for the quarter to run-out with nothing between the two sides.

The second quarter was similar to the first, with each side turning the ball over such was the pressure being applied from both teams. The game was certainly becoming an arm wrestle with neither side being able to break away. While our ball movement was good the opposition had tightened up in our forward lines making scoring difficult. In return they began moving the ball late in the quarter with more purpose and suddenly we were on the back foot as they increased their run into our backlines.

At the half time break the mood in the rooms was very positive, with the boys realising that this game would go down to the wire. We addressed some areas that were needed to adjust to ensure that we improved our scoring capacity in the second half. The third quarter got under way and once again scoring was the focus from the boys. Several times opportunities were presented but our scoring once again was off target, whereas the opposition were getting better return from their shots on goal. As the quarter wound down we had seven scoring shots to Plympton’s 4 but accuracy was the telling factor.

The last quarter got under way, after highlighting the areas that we needed to fine tune to gain the ascendancy as once again, the arm wrestle began. The last quarter was one where neither side gave any ground, it was a battle royal where both sides attacked the ball and body with vigour. As quickly as we would score, Plympton would then push the ball forward and score also. We would get within one kick from the lead only to see them go forward and score. Both sides were struggling to put two goals together, such was the pressure being applied. Going into time on in the last we found ourselves three goals down, but to the boys credit and their, never give up mantra, they kept attacking time and time again. A couple of deserved goals put us within one kick, with seconds remaining. A centre ball-up and we were going into attack on goal, when the final siren sounded, going down by four points.

In the rooms the disappointment was evident as the lads realised that this was a game that got away. While our best football will match it with any side, we have to work harder at being consistent over four quarters.

With four games to go the challenge is before us.

Goalkickers: D Stobbe 4, H Wallace 3, singles to B Henderson, C Scholfield, J Woolford, T Hewitt, A Law, D Slorach
Best Players: Ty Allen, Jed Woolford, Rory O’Brien, Ryan Madden, Adam Law.

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